Man hospitalized after collision in downtown West Palm Beach


An accident occurred between a motorcyclist and a car in the intersection of South Olive Avenue and Acacia Road on Sept. 20, sending a young man flying into the air and leaving him with severe head trauma.


Payne McIntosh and a friend were driving their motorcycles northbound on South Olive Avenue around 2 p.m. An unidentified person driving a red Nissan Sentra halted at the stop sign, pulled out into the intersection, and hit the McIntosh’s motorcycle.

“I saw the red car pull out in front of them. One of the bikes was able to swerve around and the other bike went head-on to the driver’s side of the car,” witness Kasimir Jackson said.


Lacie Mann was walking across the street to class when she saw the accident.


“When I first saw the guys on their bikes, I thought they were being reckless since they were speeding and doing wheelies,” Mann said. “I turned away because I figured it wasn’t my problem. The next thing I know, I hear someone screaming, ‘he just flipped.’”


One of the witnesses, Michaela Bajic, came to Mcintosh's aid just after the accident occured.


“For the first millisecond we all kinda froze,” Bajic said. “And then we all kinda just jumped into action.”

Passers-by such as Jackson stopped to help McIntosh. Paramedics arrived soon after and McIntosh was transported to Good Samaritan Medical Center. According to the other motorcyclist, Mcintosh is suffering from head trauma and major bruising.


The police report will be released to the public on Nov. 19.


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