Seven uncanny habits Floridians have during fall


Florida has a reputation as the “Sunshine State”, and Floridians have a reputation for making fall happen even when temperatures are above scorching hot.


Here are seven things Floridians do to bring autumn to them:


1. We count down the days. Just because the weather feels like summer throughout the year, does not mean we do not look forward to the new approaching season.


2. We bring out the fall attire. The flannels, scarves and Uggs are pulled out from the depths of the closet and put on display. Just because the humid air does not support fashion does not mean we cannot keep up with seasonal trends.


3. We obsess over seasonal coffee beverages. There’s not much in Florida that feels like fall, so we have make our own magic happen. It comes in the form of a pumpkin spice latte, and we cannot get enough of it. One iced pumpkin spiced latte, please. Extra pumpkin spice and extra ice!


4. We act as if the scenery really changes. Everyone’s imagination suddenly broadens as we pretend the tropical climate actually makes fall adjustments. You will often hear the phrase, “Isn’t it lovely this time of year?”


5. We turn down the air conditioning. Dropping to a freezing temperature might not be something Florida is capable of like northern states, but you can bet Floridians know how to turn down the air conditioning. Why? Because we like to freeze on purpose. It gives us the illusion of fall while still being warm outside.


6. We use virtual fireplaces. We are just trying to be like everyone else who lives up north and gets to experience the warmth of a fireplace. Sure, it is not exactly real, but it is all part of the illusion; it adds a nice touch to fall decor is our homes.

7. We become friendlier. Floridians have to keep up with the fast pace of our state, so sometimes we do not always have a chance to stop and think about others.  For some reason, autumn gives Floridians the opportunity to stop and think about others, resulting in having a friendlier attitude towards each other. Maybe it is the cinnamon tainted air? Maybe it is the pumpkin spiced lattes? One thing is for sure: The zealous attitudes only last until the first of the new year, so take advantage of the festivities and the friendliness while you can.

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