Unique makeup brushes under $20 on Amazon

April 18, 2018

The basics. The BS-MALL set has over 2,000 sales on Amazon with almost a perfect 5-star rating. I personally bought this set and can understand why there’s a hype about these brushes. They are a great option for your everyday makeup routine because of their large variation of foundation and eye pieces to choose from. A little something for everything.

 BS-MALL Brush Set,

$10.99; amazon.com


Mermaid tales. The ManxiVoo Make Up Set Fish Scale brush set is perfect for any mermaid lover. The collection comes with 18 rainbow colored brushes, but majority of the set is focused for the eyes. They might not be practical for everyday makeup, but at least they will make your vanity look super cute.

ManxiVoo Brush Set,

$8.99; amazon.com


Wizard wands. Calling all Harry Potter fans, this five piece pack is created just for eye makeup, but it’s price and 5-star rating is too magical to pass up.


Wizard Wand Brush Set,

$11.99; amazon.com


Unicorns unite. The Ammiy brush set is both enchanting and convenient. It comes with 10 pieces: five brushes for foundation and five brushes for eye makeup. It also comes with a handy color shift case to keep your brushes together.


Ammiy Unicorn Brush Set,

$10.90; amazon.com

Marvelously marble. The Unimeix brush set comes with 15 marbled themed based brushes, which also makes it perfect and practical for everyday makeup. Plus they are even created to stand up on their own, so there’s no need for a brush holder.

 Unimeix Brush Set,

$12.98; amazon.com


Glam and Glitter.  Who doesn’t like glitter? Alright. Not everyone likes glitter, but for those who do, there’s a 10 piece glitter set available. Buyers rated these guys with a perfect 5-star rating, so maybe there’s something in the sparkle?




Glitter Brush Set,

$15.99; amazon.com


Out of this world. If you're one those people who finds our universe quite breathtaking, these galaxy brushes are just for you. The Docolor 12-piece makeup brush set allows to you hold the galaxy in your hands—literally.


Docolor Brush Set,

$19.99; amazon.com


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