Artists and art lovers flock to CityPlace

April 11, 2018


On the weekend of April 7, the 8th Annual Downtown West Palm Beach Art Festival occurred in CityPlace. Rosemary Avenue was filled with dozens of artists showcasing and selling their wares and hundreds of people browsing and purchasing the artwork on display.


The mediums of art on display were extremely diverse, ranging from painting and sculpture to jewelry, stone fountains and shadow boxes. The artists came to West Palm Beach from local cities to states as far away as Massachusetts and California, and the Beacon spoke to a few artists about their craft.


One of the artists at the event was Robert Alan Hyde, a sculptor for 51 years.  Though he formerly worked with clay, in his 20’s he switched to metal sculpting and brought many intricate pieces of work to the Art Festival, including a life-size wire sculpture of a dachshund and a six-foot sculpture of a Native American warrior, also made from wires.


“This is my first time in West Palm Beach, and I’ve had a lot of people very interested in coming back. It’s been a very good show so far,” Hyde said.


Another unique artist at the event was Alina Eydel, a mixed-media artist who specializes in mosaic art made from beads and from the preserved wings of deceased butterflies. The butterfly mosaics (made with preserved butterflies sent to her from insect farms around the world) are each unique, and each incredibly intricate.


“A larger piece takes about a month,” Eydel said. “But I usually work on a few pieces at a time so it’s hard to keep track of time.”


Though the Art Festival ended on April 8, the company that organized the festival, Howard Alan Events, holds art festivals throughout the year all around the country. Their website is


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