Not yet infinite: Ticket sales for "Avengers 3"

April 9, 2018


To the surprise of perhaps none, “Avengers Infinity War” is considered to be the biggest film for release in 2018. The MCU film preceding the massive crossover flick is the enormously successful “Black Panther,” considered a landmark title in the movie industry for its combination of black superhero background, cast and afrocentric theme bolstered behind a AAA production.


It continues to earn box office gold two months in with a domestic gross of $659 million so far and 1.2 billion worldwide.


“Black Panther” may have made “Infinity War,” already hotly anticipated, even more desirable as an audience who’s looking for a follow-up to “Panther”’s story need only wait for two and a half months, as T’challa and his African kingdom of Wakanda will be significantly featured. The pre-ordered ticket sales for “Infinity War” must be enormous, right?


The answer is a little complicated. Back in March, when the chance to pre-order tickets became available, Fandango’s record for preorders was broken within six hours, a record previously held by “Black Panther.” So far, so good? As for individual theaters in Palm Beach County, venues where students from Palm Beach Atlantic could view the impending blockbuster, how are the pre-sales?


Two theatres, AMC Muvico 20, located in nearby Cityplace reports that for the opening evening of the feature on April 26, the number of premiere tickets is at 336 thus far. It doesn’t seem like that much for a film that will almost certainly invite tens, maybe hundreds of millions worldwide to the theaters. Muvico Cityplace’s Guest Services believe that by next weekend, the number of pre-orders will “be much higher”. That’s of course, not counting those who will get their tickets as they come to watch the movie opening night/day.


Paragon Wellington, a relatively new theater that opened last year at the Wellington Mall, reported 179 tickets sold, though in fairness, Paragon is a comparatively smaller cinema than Muvico. Their guest services stated that tickets for the very first showing on April 26  at 7 p.m. have sold out.


As for whether students on campus are among the 515 who have gotten their tickets, three had a response. Danielle Newport, a Cinema Arts Freshman, says she “wants to see it”, but hasn’t gotten her tickets yet.


Freshman finance major Bradley Johnson will also see the film, but doesn’t believe pre-order tickets are important.


Johnson said it is “not the world we live in, we will get tickets at the door.”


Senior business major Trystan Bobb has also not gotten tickets yet, but said that he will “most likely” see the picture.


No one is worried that “Infinity War” is in financial trouble, it’s anything but. That does not mean that necessarily everyone is scrambling to be the first in line. Some will get their tickets eventually, closer to release, some will get them the day they wish to see it. It’s best not to jump to conclusions even when dealing with a piece of media for which success seems to be a given.


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