Things single girls do to cope with being single

March 18, 2018


Working out

It’s a natural instinct to want to look the best we possibly can, but let’s face it: girls usually become borderline obsessed with working out when they are deep in singleness. Maybe it’s because we are trying to stay distracted with our time? Or maybe because we are hoping some guy will notice us at the gym? Whatever the reason might be, working out is always a top priority when coping with the single life.


Bringing home a new family member

The desire to get married and start a family can usually be fulfilled with adopting—a puppy or kitten that is. Instead of getting tangled in man drama, we tend to place our hearts into the safety of something fuzzy and cuddly. Pets usually keep us single ladies focused and responsible. And before you know it, we are coming up with excuses like  this: “Sorry, I can’t stay out late. I have to take the puppy out.”


Having girl time

Whether we are tired of the the dating cycle, over the drama or just fed up with guys in general, we tend to hit up our fellow ladies for a night out—or dozens of night outs. It’s an unofficial rule for single girls to stick together. So keeping each other company with brunch dates, movie nights and gym time is obviously a must to cope with singleness. At least we don’t have to do single all by ourselves!



We have a habit of buying things we don’t really need—hence over shopping. Technically the money we would spend on a SO that we don’t have is the perfect amount to spend on ourselves. Right?


Over-posting on social media

The phrase “love myself” is often taken too literal and we tend to post an unfortunate amount of selfies and other images of ourselves just to show off how confident we feel being single. Every post suddenly turns into a silent competition: taken vs. single. Instead of hash tagging “relationship goals,” you focus on “single goals.”


Binge watching shows

We can often associate binge watching shows to  staying “occupied” and “distracted” by the fact we are still single. We have plenty of time on our hands, so why not slap on the flamingo pajamas and get comfortable on the couch until 2 a.m?


Reading articles like this

If this one isn’t the truest thing you've read all day, I don’t know what is. When we are single, we  will no doubt hit up all those catchy commodities about being single. It’s like we can’t get enough of singleness. Or maybe we are just trying to accept it—to cope with it—by indulging in every Odyssey, Buzzed and Refinery29 article there is. Don’t worry, we’re glad you chose to read this one.


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