Future SGA president tells all

March 4, 2018

Question: What was the debate night like?


Kane: I really enjoyed the debate night. It was a fun chance to kind of get our platform out and things that we really want to see improved on campus. As well as, let people who maybe are a couple more degrees outside of Aaron and I's social bubbles, let them get a chance to get to know us better.


Question: Did you notice a main goal students were concerned about? Or a main concern students had debate night or was there a recurring question that students were curious about?


Kane: Honestly the debate night was more fun and a bit more lighthearted than I was expecting it to be. There was a lot more fun questions and people asked genuine questions about who Nate and I were. Like the last question asked was about our spiritual life and our spiritual journey to get to where we are.


Question: So do you think the debate night was more about getting to know each candidate?


Kane: Yeah


Question: What are your main goals for SGA?


Kane: Aaron and I definitely want to see - we ran on a platform of unity. So we want to increase that, not only within SGA, but also within the other leadership positions on campus because if we want to see issues [become resolved] of people not being included, or people feeling left out on campus. We think one of the best ways to do it is start as a unified body of student leaders because we are kind of the ones that, through our different spheres of influence, can practically improve it.


Question: Are there any changes that you and Aaron are working on, that you can disclose to us, or anything you want to be working on for next year?


Kane: Honestly right now Aaron and I are putting a lot of effort towards selecting our cabinet and seeing what that application process is going to look like; because before we take steps forward to really shaping what next year looks like, we know that it's not just going to be the two of us, we want to have our team set.


Question: So you said there was a lot of lighthearted questions was there any at the debate that were more like main concerns that were brought up?


Kane: Parking was brought up and that one was just kind of interesting because both Nate and I want to increase parking on campus. We understand that campus safety has brought on a parking consultant that, now that Aaron and I have won, we're looking forward to working with that individual and seeing how we can best help students through that.


Question: What is the parking consultant, like what do you really talk to him about?


Kane: I haven't met him yet, but we understand that the job title is a professional person whose job is to help universities figure out the best solutions for parking based on their campus and their campus environment.


Question: Any short term - long term goals that you have personally for while you are the President?


Kane: Short term, is I would love to help support PBA as much as possible and enjoy every second of the fact that I'm honestly blessed to get to be student body president during PBA's fiftieth anniversary; I'm really excited about that. Long term, is I'd like to spend next year really developing student leadership because ten-fifteen years down the line, I personally want to come back and be a professor here so it would be really cool to see any efforts that Aaron and I make furthered even more when I come back.


Question: What do you want to be a professor in possibly when you come back- or still figuring that out?


Kane: I love history and I also love communication which is ironic because neither of those are my major. I would love to come back and be a professor in the honors program ideally a position like Dr. Poe and I tease him about it a lot.


Question: One my commuter friends was wondering if there were going to some stuff to try to get the commuter population more involved, because she'd like to see that, so I'm just wondering if you and Aaron thought about that at all?


Kane: Absolutely! Aaron is actually the current chair of the commuter task force. He founded it and I was the first member of it as well so we both really want to help improve the commuter experience because we recognize that there is a first year experience, there is a residence life office, but we think there can be a better focus on commuter life.


Question: Someone told me in one of my classes, they heard SGA talking about wanting to broaden diversity on campus so do you have any plans for that?


Kane: I'd to think that the entire campus wants to achieve that goal. One of the things that Aaron and I have done is  while running for the election we met with as many of the res. life staff as we could. We went to their staff meetings and got to talk with the RD's and the RA's. Alicia [johnson resident director] and Isom [oceanview resident director] have both offered to meet with us, as well as we want to partner with Mosaic and really work on figuring out the best way to do this because I recognize I want to achieve this but I'm one person and this is an issue that can't be achieved by one person. You need a team and if that’s a team outside of SGA that we partner with, we want to do it. Aaron and I are also both planning to attend ODP's Racial Reconciliation Panel, that's going to be Tuesday at 9 p.m.


Question: Isn't Mosaic having an event?


Kane: Yes, Mosaic is doing an event on Saturday [02/24]. They are having everybody that’s interested come over to the movie theater in CityPlace to see the 12:30 showing of “Black Panther.” Then afterwards come back to upstairs Weyenburg and talk about the themes of the movie and just anything that got brought up by the movie. I believe they have free admission for the first forty people, but you have to sign up for it.


Question: Okay and do you have any thoughts on the caf?


Kane: I know that SGA has a good working relationship with Aramark and in years passed we've had a Fraser Dining Hall Relations Task Force. That’s definitely something that Aaron and I would look to possibly bring back. This year it's only, it's a senior house member led task force. We'd maybe look at bringing that back to the executive team but we need to see what our executive team looks like first.


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