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Students’ talents shine at PBA coffeehouse

February 28, 2018


Palm Beach Atlantic University hosted an off-campus coffeehouse, Citrus at the Station,  at the Elizabeth Ave Station in West Palm Beach. Despite rainy weather, students performed on stage. The coffeehouse ran from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.


Junior Joe Browning attended the coffeehouse to watch the musicians, dancers and poets on stage.


“My favorite performance at the coffeehouse was the band Luv. The other performers who I didn't know their names, were really good," Browning said.


Browning was disappointed that there were not many performers for the evening.


“I had a pretty good experience. The lemonade they served at the coffeehouse was good too,” Browning said.


Junior Sam Konstantopoulos was one of the musicians on stage performed a cover of the song “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls and played an original song he wrote called “The God I Know.”


Konstantopoulos was the second musician to perform on stage.


“This was my first time performing at a coffeehouse or any other venue, beside leading at chapel,” Konstantopoulos said. “Everyone was really receptive and encouraging, a lot of my friends were there watching me perform.”


Junior Tim Fowler was part of the crowd at the coffeehouse and enjoyed the music.


“The coffeehouse was great, they had great lemonade, good dancers and good music,” Fowler said.


Fowler wasn’t into dancing but he thought the dance was neat.


“I liked the performers. The coffeehouse gave the crowd a great energetic atmosphere,” Fowler said.


Fowler agreed with Browning; his favorite performer at the coffeehouse was the band Luv.


“I was disappointed that the coffeehouse didn’t have any coffee but overall I had a great experience,” Fowler said.


Konstantopoulos will perform with other students at the next PBA coffeehouse which will be located on campus at Samaritan Gardens.


“I have an idea for a couple of songs but I’m not aloud to divulge it yet,” Konstantopoulos said.


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