MoviePass gives indie films a chance to succeed

February 27, 2018


Palm Beach Atlantic University is just walking distance from an AMC movie theater. For PBA students like cinema arts major Tim Demoss, a new movie subscription service may be the motivation needed to make the trip to a movie screening.


MoviePass is the newest movie subscription service. Unlike services such as Netflix or Hulu, MoviePass requires people to go to a theater. With a monthly subscription people can watch a 2D movie every single day of the year, in almost any theater of their choice.


When the numbers are broken down for the whole year, subscribers are charged $9.95 a month. There is currently a limited time offer of $105.35 for the year, which is broken down to $7.95 a month plus the $9.95 annual handling fee. For the limited time offer, an entire year must be paid for up front.


The service has the potential to make traditional movie watching enjoyable again.


“I’ve been to too many movies where there aren’t any people there and it seems really sad and I really hope… the world doesn’t end up with all of us watching movies on our phones,” DeMoss said.


University of Central Florida student Gabriel Murgueytio is an avid movie goer and likes to keep up with box office releases. Before purchasing a MoviePass subscription, Murgueytio would see a movie once or twice a month, but after the purchase, he consistently sees four a month. Murgueytio went on to say that one of the benefits of having a MoviePass is that he has seen films that he would not have seen otherwise.


“One of the biggest draws for me was that MoviePass does not just support big movie theaters like Regal and AMC but also supports small theaters,” Murgueytio said.


Andrew Ray, assistant cinema arts professor at PBA, has strongly considered purchasing a MoviePass subscription but is hesitant because of how little time he has available to watch a movie in a theater. Even though Ray may not purchase a MoviePass subscription, he is in support of the business’s efforts to promote indie film studios.


“Any more funding for indie films is good because they’re the films that I want to make in the next 10 years,” Ray said.


According to WIRED, Mitch Lowe, CEO of MoviePass, says the company has allied with smaller businesses to make a profit. The company has signed more than four contracts with studios that are revenue-producing. The more MoviePass promotes a certain movie, the more people are likely to see it, which results in a profit for both ends.


“The studios really do see the light and see that we could be a valuable ally in rejuvenating the business,” Lowe said.


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