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Journalist starter pack

February 22, 2018


Thinking about becoming a journalist? Here are the “must have” items every journalist needs to get started:


Coffee—It’s the most reliable source of motivation and energy. Everything a journalist accomplishes brews from these magical beans. It doesn’t matter where you get it—Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, McDonalds, a vegan place around the corner—as long as you got it.


Leather journal—What’s a journalist without a journal? But not just any journal, an authentic leather journal because this is where authenticity flows from.


Bombay Brown Leather Journal with Tie 6” X 8.5”



AP Style Handbook—The Bible is important and all, but have you tried the AP style handbook? This little number is everything a journalist needs in order to write like a pro.


The Associated Press Stylebook 2018: and Briefing on Media Law



Camera—Whether it as simple as an iPhone or more advanced as a Nikon, a journalist needs something to take bomb photos and videos. Without a camera there would be no footage and without footage, there would be no stories. Visuals are everything.


D3400 Nikon Camera



Laptop—Every journalist needs a fun-sized laptop to carry around with them. This is where you quickly upload and edit your videos and stories.


Apple 13-inch MacBook Air



Messenger bag—You can’t be a messenger of news if you don’t have one of these babies. Messenger bags are crucial to a journalist. This where they keep their laptop, camera, journal, AP style handbook and emergency coffee.


Fossil graham Ew Messenger Mbg9254200



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