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Samaritan Gardens closing causes housing scramble

February 21, 2018


Most male students are currently living in Samaritan Gardens apartment complex or as the Palm Beach Atlantic University students have nicknamed it “Sammy G.” Samaritan Gardens which is owned by West Palm Beach Family Church will be demolished by the end of spring semester. The PBA male students who are currently living in Samaritan Gardens are looking for housing for the fall of 2018.


Sophomore Zachary Stroven currently doesn’t know where he will be living next semester. Stroven applied to be an RA (Resident Assistant) at a different dorm complex; one reason Stroven applied is to secure housing for the fall.


The one issue Samaritan Gardens current residents are having is finding a place to live. They’re worried they might not find a place at all.


“It's going to be hard to get housing in general. For me, since I’m over twenty, I won’t be able to sign up early for housing like students who are currently under twenty years old will be able to,” Stroven said.


Junior Greyson Korn became close to his roommates ever since he moved into Samaritan Gardens. He now doesn't know if he will be able to live with his current roommates at a different dorm for his senior year.  


Korn had a different approach than Stroven to apply for housing next year. Korn is just waiting for that period when PBA opens applications for the students who are above the age of 20 to apply to be a resident in Flagler Towers.


“Right now, myself and my current roommates are hopefully getting into Flagler Towers. That is our number one choice,” Korn said.


Korn thinks being a resident in Flagler Towers will be a big plus for he and his roommates.


When asked about living off campus instead of applying for a housing, Stroven said, “Living off campus can be a challenge because students will have to find someone who wants to live off campus with them. Some students like to live on campus because they want to be part of the PBA community.”


The students are thinking of any possible ideas to search for their new homes.


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