LeMieux Center hosts Martin E. Dempsey presentation

February 10, 2018



Palm Beach Atlantic University welcomed General Martin E. Dempsey, an influential leader, to speak in the DeSantis Family Chapel on Feb. 8.


The LeMieux Center for Public Policy at Palm Beach Atlantic University had the pleasure of hosting a presentation by General Martin E. Dempsey, 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


“Elite, well prepared, well-rehearsed, well versed leader of our nation,” was the description that President Fleming gave when introducing Dempsey to the stage.


In 2015, Dempsey was described as one of the most influential leaders on TIME Magazine’s “The 100 Most Influential People in the World” list.


According to Dempsey, everyone is a leader in some way, including PBA students.


“PBA challenges you to be a leader of consequence, which means you have to influence other people,” Dempsey said. “You can’t be a leader of consequence if you’re just influencing yourself.”


To PBA graphic design major Ricky Crespo, who attended the presentation, a leader is “[someone] that doesn’t give up on the ones they are leading.”


In today’s world, it is more difficult to obtain a leadership role than it was many years ago, according to Dempsey. He went on to say a leader must be the persona that people constantly look at.


“You’re in a competition for the trusting confidence of those who follow you… If you don’t participate in that competition, somebody else is going to win it,” Dempsey said.


Gen. Dempsey’s book, “Radical Inclusion: What the Post-9/11 World Should Have Taught Us About Leadership,” offers different principles and concepts that help explain the role of being a leader, such as ‘The Era of Digital Echo’ and the speedy access people have to information. The book will be available in stores on March 6.


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