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Consignment owners differentiate fake from fabulous

February 8, 2018


Many designer brands are popping up in show windows at consignment shops, becoming a huge trend in South Florida. Back on the Rack, a consignment store in downtown West Palm Beach, sells articles of clothing from designer brands that range anywhere from trends 5 years ago to current trends.


“The store has a little bit of everything,” owner Jessica Cummings said.


Back on the Rack only accepts authentic items within appropriate seasons and in excellent condition.


"I usually tell people we run the gamut. So, we have little bit of everything from really high end items from Prada, occasionally a few Chanel, Louis Vuitton and really nice fur coats all the way down to Forever 21,” Cummings said.


Cummings can tell the difference with certain designer brands from knockoffs to the real brands. Each item is priced according to age, condition and demand.


“For Louis Vuitton, you actually have to count out the stitching on the purses. There has to be a certain amount of unique stitches that have to be made,” Cummings said.


Cummings also looks for the serial numbers that comes on most designer brand products.  


Designer and co-owner of Akai Swimwear, Daniela Longo, has extensive experience with designer brands. She explained what to look for when telling the difference between a knockoff and an original designer brand.


Longo owns different classic pieces from Prada, Gucci, Fendi and Chanel.


“To tell the difference between  knockoffs and originals is to look at the logo and the metal parts of the piece. The logo will never be the same exact one, as well as the marking on metal pieces. The quality of the gold and silver will never have the right tone. Find a picture of the real piece and compare it to the knockoff to see both logos and spot differences,” Longo said.


Longo noticed that well known fashion brands are on the rise.


“As an original top designers, Gucci is having a huge comeback. They are doing things differently. Their recent collections have been oriented for the Asian market,” Longo said.  


Consignment stores, like Back on the Rack, make it easier to purchase designer brand products for those who do not want to pay the original retail price. Fashionistas have more options to purchase trending pieces at an affordable price, when shopping at a second-hand store.


Other fashionistas, like Longo, go through a different route to get their designer pieces.  


“My advice is to save and start splurging on timeless pieces, that are not going to go out style for the next 10 years. Also If you buy pieces directly from the designer you know it’s not a knockoff, you are the one using it for the first time, and you can give the proper care to it,” Longo said.


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