The return of "RoboCop"

February 5, 2018

 Sci-fi and action fans rejoice, because RoboCop is coming back in the near (or possibly distant) future. Edward Neuemeier, writer of the original 1987 film, revealed in an interview with Zeitgeist Entertainment Magazine that he is working on a new movie in the classic sci-fi franchise.


“We’re not supposed to say too much,” Neuemeier said in the interview. “…I would say this would be kind of going back to the old “RoboCop” we all love and starting there and going forward. So it’s a continuation really of the first movie.”


Judging by these statements, it appears that the new movie will ignore the less-than-stellar “RoboCop 2” and

“RoboCop 3” as well as the 2014 remake, which should be a welcome return to form for fans of the original movie. Interestingly enough, modern reboots of older series that ignore a franchise’s past sins and continue the original seem to be slowly becoming more popular; a new “Halloween” sequel is coming this October that does the same thing. And modern reboots of nostalgic series can be controversial. When asked about this trend, student Jeff Beebe stated “I think that rebooting old franchises is not always good, because an emphasis should be placed on making good films rather than riding the wave of other film’s successes.”


Zach Rice, another student, echoed the sentiment; “I think [nostalgic reboots] have a lot of potential but I don’t want them to force things in and change the old movies….” So will this new form of reboot work for “RoboCop”, “Halloween” and any other reboots of the coming years? It seems that only time and the audiences will tell.


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