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Single on Valentine's Day: Five unique ways to celebrate

February 5, 2018




Valentine’s Day is commonly recognized as a day to exchange flowers, chocolate, and cards between loved ones. But lets not forget the true meaning of the holiday—love. Yup, that includes loving yourself and loving others. Nowhere is there an official rule stating Valentine’s Day has to be celebrated between two people in a romantic relationship.


With that being said, there are many single individuals who have been doing Valentine’s Day all wrong. If you're single and haven’t had a chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day to its full extent, then this article is for you.




1.  “Treat yo’ self”


We are all familiar with this famous line coined by NBC television show Parks and Recreation, and I think we can all agree it’s a very clever idea. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with some well deserved self love? If you've been single for a long time, it’s time to stop wallowing in self pity and make Feb. 14 a day to look forward to with some of these suggestions:


“Treat yo’ self” with food. Whether it’s a greasy burger, a plate of sushi, or an entire paycheck worth of fine dine, go for your favorite and leave out the regrets.


“Treat yo’ self” with a new item. Do you have an eye on that new Kate Spade purse, that marble S’well bottle or even Kylie Jenner’s new set of makeup brushes? Whatever it may be that you've had your sights fixed on, buy it for yourself. As long as your wallet is in agreement, but hey, we aren’t judging.


“Treat yo’ self” with some pampering. There are so many ways we can feel important from having a candlelit bath, mediating in a quiet place, getting a message, or even going to your hairstylist for a new look.


2. “Galentines” (or “Guyintines” if you're a guy)


I think we can all agree there is nothing more fulfilling than spending time with friends. These are the people who have shaped, defined and supported you through the highs and lows of life. What better way to feel loved than being with your best gals or guys? It doesn’t have to be complicated. Get the girls or the guys together and plan a fun night. Have a dinner party, hit up the town or catch a movie. Whatever it may be, take the time to appreciate one another.


3. Volunteer your time


Your time is valuable, so what better way than investing it into someone or something? Spend your Valentine’s Day volunteering by feeding and helping the homeless, cleaning dog cages at your local animal shelter or serving at your home church. Imagine the impact you can make in your community just by taking the time to love others.


4. Take a day-cation


Who says you have to stay home and cry into a tub of ice-cream for Valentine’s Day? Grab your suitcase, hop in the car, and go somewhere for the day. Do something you have wanted to do and do it—no excuses. From staying in a tent somewhere in the woods, to a local B&B in the city, to a nice resort or hotel. Plan your day for yourself or with some friends and enjoy the retreat.


5. Treat it like an average day


Even though everyone views Valentine’s Day as a romantic day, it’s still an average day. It’s only a holiday because we put a label on it, but if you rip off the label, it’s just another day (Wednesday to be exact). If you aren’t up to doing anything special for Feb. 14, treat it like another day. In the wise words of the internet—keep calm and carry on.


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