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Into the city: Directing donations to Mexico earthquake victims

November 27, 2017


Two major earthquakes hit Mexico two months ago, leaving 15 states in Mexico greatly affected. I was able to raise $800 to donate to the people of Mexico; initially I struggled with figuring out where to redirect these donations.


The government of Mexico frequently misuses donations; monies are used to control people and direct the people’s votes toward certain parties for upcoming elections in 2018.


With this in mind, I decided to take a different approach. Instead of donating the money to a big-name organization, I decided to go person to person and meet as many needs as possible; however, God had a better plan. Instead, I learned about a great organization and I also met an incredible missionary.


Part of the money was donated to an organization called Prosigue. Prosigue focuses on taking care of homeless kids, also investing their resources and workers for three weeks after the earthquakes happened. The organization partnered with a German group as they went out into the city bringing provisions to those in need.


The city felt a bit strange. Some people continued going about their daily endeavors, while others tried to figure it out how to go back to resume their lives, for their houses and business were all reduced to ashes.


Feli, the missionary I was fortunate enough to meet, shared with me about her mission in the jungles of Chiapas as well in the City of Mexico. She has been working restlessly for years, helping poor communities in Mexico.


Every Friday, Feli prepares a lesson for the children she will visit, as well clothes and food for them. Prior to the earthquake, these communities were already in great need. After the natural disaster, many lost even the little bit they had. Although many have stepped up and help, the children seem to be neglected.


This is why Feli stepped in. She told me about how a mother of one of the children she teaches approached her. She told Feli her daughter is terrified of everything after the earthquake, any single noise and she rushes to her mom.


The issue of a natural disaster is greater than just the lost of physical stuff, but also the toll it can take on someone, both mentally and emotionally. The things that many children witnessed may have left scars to deep to be noticed. It is here where sharing the love and hope we know is essential.


I just had a glimpse of what is like to serve like Feli does every day of the week. My prayer is for my generation to move towards a theology of selflessness, that we may be able to see the hurt and be moved to take action.


Feli will also be serving the communities in Chiapas which were also affected. If God allows, I will be joining them. She has organized a group of missionaries to go this December. The focus of this trip will be to bring food provisions, tools and materials for these poor communities to build houses and distribute donations of medical assistance.


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