West Palm Beach's “Street Art Revolution”

November 21, 2017


When walking down the street in most cities, you may often find graffiti across many of the old brick buildings. Often times, this art form may be associated with vandalism.


In West Palm Beach, mural artists hope to change this misconception. For those whose work is not displayed in upscale galleries, a partnership with the Downtown Development Authority may change how public art is portrayed.


Murals have been portrayed as "Street Art Revolution." The DDA and city of WPB encourage such endeavor by having artists come and paint large murals on public building walls in highly trafficked areas.


Mural art was first introduced to WPB around 12 years ago. Eduarto Mendieta is one of the first artists to paint a mural in the city of West Palm Beach, which led to other murals done by fellow artists, Anthony Hernadez, Dahlia Perryman and Caron Bowman. These artists also do not have their work displayed in upscale galleries.


On Thursday Oct. 12, 2017, the Mandel Public Library hosted Craig Mcinnis, a mixed media artist teaching a class on learning how to draw using chalk.


One of the attendees Karyn G., expressed her opinion on the murals portrayed around the city.


"It bedazzles it, whether it's a parking garage building or an office building, artists bring color to our lives," Karyn said. Karyn requested The Beacon not include her full name.


The murals not only add color and diversity to the city, but also are used as a way for artists to express their creativity without having their artwork in an art gallery that can still be seen by many people.  


Craig Mcinnis has done some of the murals portrayed around WPB. One of the well-known ones being his "Metamorphosis" done in Northwood. He along with other fellow artists, hope to get rid of the negative connotation that street art/graffiti holds.


"I wish the tags would just go away, and would modernize into one word, which would be art," Mcinnis said. "There's always going to be people who don't like it.”


Art is one of the many diverse subjects that can be viewed differently by each individual. Certain people only think certain types of art classify as "art", while others believe art is art no matter what like Mcinnis, "Art is art, [whether] on a wall, on a canvas, on the ground, I think it's all the same."


Mural art being just one of the many unique features WPB has to offer, adding an array of color and personality to the upbeat city.


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