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PBA’s Titus Center for Franchising opens doors for students

November 17, 2017

 The Titus Center of Franchising was introduced to the Rinker School of Business on Nov. 15. With a total of 17 students enrolled in class, Titus Chair for Franchise Leadership and Director Dr. John P. Hayes sees a bright future ahead for the new center.


“I was ecstatic [to become the Titus Chair]. Every faculty member wants to have an endowed chair. That’s the ultimate dream. Few faculty ever get that opportunity,” Hayes said.


According to, the Titus Center of Franchising offers a course of study that will lead to a bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in franchising. The center offers a variety of topics related to franchising, which include how to buy a franchise, how to franchise a business and how to expand a franchise internationally. The center also offers opportunities such as internships and job shadowing.


Dr. John P. Hayes wants to clarify that franchising is not only for business majors; he encourages PBA students to take a franchising class.


“How does it help students in any discipline at PBA? Because we’re going to open doors for them that didn’t know even existed. That’s the great opportunity we have,” Hayes said.


Hayes went on to say that the new opportunities given to PBA students would not be possible without an endowment made by Ray Titus, CEO of United Franchise Group and its affiliated companies. According to Titus, the United Franchise Group includes nine brands and supports nearly 1,500 franchisees in over 80 countries.


With 3,900 students enrolled in various programs and disciplines at PBA, Titus felt the school was the right place to make an impactful difference. Given that his son, A.J Titus, is an alumni, and he calls West Palm Beach his home, Titus has a first hand experience seeing the influence graduates have within the South Florida community.


“Whether [students] are going to buy products, sell products, provide services, no matter what field anyone goes in to, from the nursing school to athletics. . . to any field, they’re going to run into franchising in their lives,” Titus said. “The more they know about it, the more educated they are to it, the better they’ll do.”



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