Palm Beach Atlantic University students cope with midterm burdens in various ways

 Kirsten Delany, junior at Palm Beach Atlantic University, spent 10 to 15 hours studying for midterms.


“I haven't studied as much as I should have,” Delany said. “I have not slept a lot.”


Likewise, Charis Flake and Johanna Ross also lost a lot of sleep due to staying up late for midterms.


“If I am getting a lot of sleep it’s because I'm purposefully putting it off and procrastinating,” Flake said.


Some environments are more appealing to work in than others for students. Flake and Ross go to the library to focus on their studies in a quiet environment while Delaney and Hannah Dunn, freshman at Palm Beach Atlantic University, find their focus in Einstein Bagels where there is a busier atmosphere.


Students tend to spend more time studying for midterms than they do studying the rest of the semester. Midterms are made to keep students in check that they are learning what they have been taught throughout the semester.


“I’ve only had to cry about one time,” Dunn said.


Students are looking forward to fall break in order to catch up on their studies. It seems students have gotten behind leading up to midterms.


“This is a good time to be stressed in bed rather than be stressed in class,” Dunn said.


Students are doing a variety of studies throughout fall break. Flake has a 15 page research paper due after the break. Additionally, Dunn has essays and homework to do during this break.


Overall, students do not prefer to cram for midterms, but it is difficult to find enough time in the day to sleep and study.


Students will feel more at ease when midterms are finished.


“A little bit relief but not full relief until I get the grade for me,” Delany said.


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