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PBA students show concern for California fires

 As of recently, 19 wildfires have blazed across California causing billions of dollars in damage and killing at least 40 people. It’s reported 122,000 acres have been burned so far as fires continue to spread across the state.


With 6,000 houses so far destroyed, Palm Beach Atlantic University student Nicole Gabriel’s family just missed the blaze.


“It’s kind of hard, because we’re so far away,” Gabriel said.


Gabriel’s uncle owns a winery in Napa Valley, a heavily affected area by the fires.


“My uncle’s friend’s winery was destroyed, but the product was not harmed because harvest was over, thankfully,” Gabriel said.


Gabriel’s family just recently was able to move back into to their home, which was just barely spared as the ash settles in her area.


Air quality is considered extremely unhealthy when the index reaches 201, and at one point Napa Valley area hit 486.


PBA student Helena says she has friends who are in California currently witnessing the fires.


“It’s already hard enough that California has earthquakes, water shortages, and other issues. And the fires are already bad enough as is,” Helena said. “Many families are moving away there are hotels that are booked and being filled with California residents.”


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