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Review: Four reasons why you should be excited about “Super Mario Odyssey” (and one reason you may not be)

October 16, 2017


 1. It’s on the Nintendo Switch


Nintendo’s newest game console, lovingly called “The Switch” by its fans, has been flying off store shelves faster than anyone had predicted. Even if you do not own one, chances are someone you know does. In its first four months on sale, it sold over 4.7 million copies globally, making it one of the fastest selling game consoles of all time. Mario’s latest outing gives switch owners a chance to play as everyone’s favorite mustachioed plumber on the go, as one of the console's main selling points is its ability to switch (see what they did there?) between a home video game console and a handheld with ease.




2. Helpful Headgear


Mario’s newest companion is an interesting addition to the Mario game world. The plumber’s signature red cap has come to life. Going by the name of Cappy, this adorable sentient hat is more than just a stylish choice of headwear. Mario can use his hat in a variety of new ways, from using it as a trampoline, to tossing it on an enemy's head to take control of them.


3. A Return to Form


As crazy as the new additions to Mario’s moves sound, “Super Mario Odyssey” seems to be a throwback to older 3D Mario games, something gamers have not seen properly since 2007’s “Super Mario Galaxy” on the Nintendo Wii. Despite the crazy new additions in gameplay and graphics, this return to formula will come as a relief to gamers looking for classic Mario 3D platforming action that they have not seen in over a decade.


 4. Co-op


As more and more games today are coming out without local multiplayer, “Super Mario Odyssey” comes as a breath of fresh air. Two players can play through the game together, with one playing as Mario and the other as Cappy. Together they can work together to solve puzzles and defeat enemies that would have been difficult to take on alone.



5. One reason you may not be excited


Game consoles and games have traditionally been relatively expensive, and this game and console are no exception. To buy both a Nintendo Switch and this latest Mario title will cost you about $360. That is not exactly pocket change, especially if you are not someone who usually plays games. Fortunately, with the switch being Nintendo’s most popular home console since the Wii, odds are you can find a friend who already owns a console and play together. Also you may not be excited because you don’t really care about video games, and if so, why on earth have you read this far down? In any case, “Super Mario Odyssey” comes out in stores and online Oct. 27th.







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