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Students scramble to get back on track after hurricane

October 4, 2017



The keyboards click frantically all around the room, as recently returned college students struggle to catch up on class lessons and missed work in the crowded campus library.


For many, this was students’ first week back on campus after the passing of Hurricane Irma.


The storm left Palm Beach Atlantic University no other choice than to put forth an evacuation of the campus on Sept. 7, 2017.


In response, classes were canceled for nearly 10 days. Having missed more than a full week of classes, this left both students and professors alike scrambling to get class back on schedule.


Therefore, PBA set forth an accommodated schedule in which classes would have to then hold a makeup class on a Saturday, to make up for the lost time due to the storm.


"I'm gonna be missing all of my makeup classes because I have a show Oct. 7. I'm a theater major so I can't miss the show," stated junior Aszkara Gilchrist.


Young adults, like Gilchrist are feeling the overwhelming stress and pressure of trying to get back into the swing of things.


Many have prior responsibilities set, making it nearly impossible to manage trying to attend a Saturday class. Prior commitments to clubs, work, sports, and shows all tying into the hectic schedule.


For some students though, they are dealing with more than just makeup classes. Some have had to face the wrath of Hurricane Irma personally. One of those students is junior class member Sarah Roulette. "Catching up on school work has been really only been difficult since I also had to move out of my room and into a hotel, due to some water damage in my room at Johnson Hall," said Roulette.


Herself, along with about 20 others were forced to move off campus. This making getting settled back into the campus, and back into the regular class routine even trickier. "It's been crazy trying to get all of school work done when I am splitting my time between the library, my classes, and a hotel room I have to drive to while also staying as involved as possible on campus," states Roulette.


Thankfully, even in the face of stress and tragedy, PBA enrolled attendees and staff come together as one, supporting each other all the way. It is important to remember the whole school was affected, meaning everyone. This includes professors and staff, who are also feeling the stress and pressure of getting back on track.


Even with all the stress, professors have been doing their best to make students’ transition back into class as stress free as possible. "My professors have been extremely understanding, and I can tell they're stressed as well," said Roulette.


When needed, PBA students and staff will try their best to persevere through the hard times. No matter how stressful those times may be, the community conveys the effort to stand together, united as one.


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