Shhh…it is a silent disco night!

 Palm Beach Atlantic University hosted a silent disco night on Friday, Sept. 22, in upstairs Weyenberg. Students listened to music which could only be heard on wireless headphones. PBA students waited in line to grab their headphones and boogie to the DJ’s music late into the night.


Seniors Samantha Fink and Kaira Lauver attended the silent disco night for the first time this year.


“We want to do everything in our senior year. We’ve never been to an event,” Fink said.


As people entered the room and retrieved their headphones for the party, the excitement from those in attendance was evident.


 Taylor Farrell, one of the DJs at the party, was a first-timer who had no experience with deejaying before the silent disco.


“My roommate asked me if I wanted to have a DJ battle against him and I figured I’d see what I got,” Farrell said.


Farrell mentioned it was fun, but the other DJ, his roommate Andrew Conrady, was much better than he was.


“I thought it was pretty fun playing music and my own favorite songs because nobody could tell me not to play stuff,” Farrell said.


Farrell said he does not plan on deejaying in the future.


“I liked the event because it gave us the opportunity to choose between which song we want to listen to, and then see who else was listening to the same or the other song. I think the event was successful, and I would go to one in the future,” said Gabby Lindquist, senior.


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