The "G" in Samaritan Gardens now stands for goodbye

September 22, 2017


Ask most male students at Palm Beach Atlantic University what is the best place to live on campus, and the Samaritan Gardens apartment complex usually comes out on top.

"It's a nice dorm," junior Noah Latner said, "It's a variant community of guys who are very friendly and Christ-like."


Students have been housed at "Sammy G" - that is the nickname given to the dorm - since 2005, according to Associate Vice President for University Relations of Marketing Becky Peeling. With 80 PBA students currently housed there, a lease between the university and the owner of the property, West Palm Beach based Family Church, will come to an end in 2018.


According to an article published by The Palm Beach Post entitled, "The Bristol's sales at 70 percent - developer adds garage to plan," developers of The Bristol  Condominium project approached the church to lease the land for expansion plans. 


"Our understanding is that the students who are housed at Samaritan Gardens will be there through this current academic year," Peeling said.


Sophomore Jonathan Johanson moved into Samaritan Gardens this semester.  But now he and everyone else knows it will not be there for his junior year.


“Since [Samaritan Gardens is] their building I understand, but [Family Church] should provide some idea of housing besides Sammy G,” Johanson said.


Junior Noah Latner, who shares the same living space with Johanson, shared a different point of view.


“You know, Family Church has to do what Family Church has to do,” Latner said.


When asked how he plans to accommodate his living arrangements, Latner seemed unsure of his future plans.


“I don’t have a home. I’m gonna be homeless,” Latner said.


At the moment, Palm Beach Atlantic does not have a concrete solution for next year’s housing for the residents of Samaritan Gardens. But the administration is aware of the needed modifications for the near future of student housing.


“We are always looking at the future," Peeling said, "and though there are no solid plans right now that we can announce, I think we are looking at any options that are available to supply the additional housing that we need."




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