PBA workship sends help to Houston

September 6, 2017



 As Hurricane Harvey dissolves, the damage left behind is revealing itself to the nation. Efforts are being made from all corners of the country to aid the nation’s fourth-largest city in its slow revival, as businesses open one by one and traffic returns to the streets. 


Vice President Mike Pence told KTRH Radio Houston that he expects a long-term cleanup and recovery. 

“When you look at the magnitude of the flooding that's taken place in the fourth largest city in the United States, that we anticipate that it will be years coming back," Pence said Monday. 


Matthew Capucci on National Public Radio explained the amount of floodwater as 14 million Olympic swimming pools covering the Houston area. 


“And it’s not over yet,” host Ari Shapiro said. “The forecast shows more rain in Texas through Friday. One more note - the colors that the National Weather Service uses to show rainfall on its maps, shades of yellow, red and orange - they couldn't represent the amounts seen in southeastern Texas. So it added two new shades of purple.”


How can Palm Beach Atlantic University students help? 


Director of Workship Kate Magro is already planning a student trip to the Houston area, but for now her team will be sending food, water and cash donations over to Houston. “We are collecting items this weekend that have been requested by the Feeding America Food Bank in Houston,” Magro said. 

Kate Magro co-led a Hurricane Katrina relief trip in 2005 with Americorp and is anxious to send our students to Houston for a relief trip.  


 “We think the Earth works like a bathtub, so as soon as it stops raining it should just drain – but the ground is super saturated and the ground is really flat, so it’s actually going to take a lot of time for the water to drain out,” Magro said. “So you have the initial destruction of the flood, and then you have the destruction of the water just sitting there.”


Kate Magro says the best options for students wanting to help now include prayer and cash. 

“Help at the wrong time is the wrong kind of help,” Magro said. “As soon as they’re ready for us, we’re there.”


More information will be sent out on their Facebook and Instagram. Magro tells students to email her at Kate_Magro@pba.edu and let her know if anyone would like more information; updates will be sent out as the trip is finalized. Students can expect the relief trip to happen during the fall (fall break or Thanksgiving) and possibly during Christmas break, but there are no specific dates set at this time.


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