The five stages of midterms

March 7, 2017

Every college student comes to the point in their life when they must face one of their biggest enemies. It’s called a midterm, a test placed smack dab in the middle of the semester that gives students an idea if they're failures or geniuses.


We’ve broken down the five stages of midterms every college student goes through.



Students typically get a solid two weeks notice before midterms, and even though the date had been in the class syllabus since the beginning of the semester, it usually comes as a shock to them. This is when students freak out before finally figuring they have half of a month to study. Somehow they talk themselves into thinking half of a month is somehow longer than two weeks. So what do they do? They go into denial by procrastinating.




When midterm exams are about a week out, things usually become heated. Not in the “I burnt my tongue on really hot mac and cheese,” kind of heated, but more in the “every textbook should burn,” kind. Students often undergo an angry stage where nothing makes sense and they say their professors are out to get them. This usually leads to thrown books across the floor, crumbled notebook paper and sometimes pencils in the ceiling.




Five days before the midterm exam is when most students start to take their studying serious. They fall into a robot mode where they agree to study for 20 hours a day as long as they can have a cup of coffee every four hours. This is usually when students begin to plea for more time.




Three days before the gut-wrenching midterm is usually when students have fallen to their lowest level. This is sometimes referred to as a caffeine crash. Students have been running on a couple of mingy hours of sleep a night and have no idea what they are studying for. We may never know what all those cups of coffee and cans of energy drinks were used for. So the baggy-eyed students begin contemplating their life while digging into their favorite comfort foods.  Jobs like janitors and potato farmers start to look more appealing as forever jobs.




Finally, the day of the exam has arrived and students have awakened themselves out of their daze to fight the battle of retaining knowledge. This is usually when students put on their war attire of sweatpants and messy buns. They have convinced themselves they can do it, or have at least accepted their fate regardless the outcome.

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