Trump's return to Palm Beach impacts students going on spring break

March 3, 2017

President Donald Trump has traveled to Mar-a-Largo often since becoming president in January.  This will be his fourth weekend in the Palm Beach area, and his travel plans have impacted not only the community, but also some Palm Beach Atlantic University students’ spring break travel plans.  


“I think it’s kind of annoying because I live in Boca so when I go home on Fridays I’m driving south,” junior Emily Teason said. “So when I go onto [I-]95 it’s annoying because they close down Southern and Belvedere.”


Whenever Trump flies into West Palm Beach, security increases and roads shut down to ensure the safety of the president.  Some students are not traveling for spring break but they still have noticed a difference when he comes.  


Bekah Curran, a sophomore at Palm Beach Atlantic University, talked about how she has heard businesses feel the affects of President Trump’s presence.


“I know they are closing down a lot of businesses around where he is flying so they are probably going to be a little upset about that because they will be losing business that day,” Curran said.


Junior Elizabeth Davis said, “I go north so it really doesn’t affect me but I know I have driven down Southern previous times that he has come and that was kind of annoying.”


Sophomore Jessie Evoniuk said she will not be affected by President Trump’s visit this but many others will.  
“I know when he comes then they do have to divert a lot of the air traffic and close down the roads but I don’t have anyone coming to see me until Saturday,” Evoniuk said.


President Trump’s Palm Beach visits have affected PBA students in different ways.  From protests on the intracoastal to flight path changes over the university, students have seen it all.

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