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Delray Beach Open popular stop for ATP Tour fan faves

March 1, 2017

Argentinian pro tennis player Juan Martin Del Potro is ranked 42 in the world. He has won 19 titles in the past, including a silver medal in Rio at the 2016 Olympic Games.


On Tuesday, Del Potro played his first ATP World Tour match in Delray Beach, Fla. against a Delray area competitor, Kevin Anderson, who is from the Republic of South Africa.


Del Potro withdrew from the Australia Open last month due to a wrist injury. The Buzz Agency Public Relations member Danielle Quintero spoke to The Beacon about Del Porto’s great comeback after the accident.


“I was very excited about this particular match, mostly because of Juan Martin Del Potro and his story as a comeback kid,” Quintero said.


She explained that his recent return back to the sport last year for the Delray Beach Open, and that this particular tournament holds a special place in Del Potro’s heart.


The Delray Beach Open is a place where the ATP World Tournament is hosted annually. This year, they celebrate the 25th anniversary of being a part of the ATP World Tour. Every year the event draws in hundreds of people to watch top ranked players, such as Del Potro, compete in the ATP World Tour.  


Quintero expressed that she believes the Delray Beach Open has a strong following because del Potro won the Delray Beach title in 2011.


“It’s a big draw for the tournament to want him back year after year,” she said.  

(Courtesy AP) Top-seeded Milos Raonic withdrew from the Delray Beach Open final Sunday after injuring

his hamstring a day earlier, giving the title to top ranked American player Jack Sock. Raonic slightly tore his right hamstring Saturday night, feeling a sharp pain while chasing down a drop shot in his semifinal

victory over Juan Martin del Potro.

Argentine del Potro defeated South African Kevin Anderson six games to four games in his first set and repeated the same score in the final set, winning the overall match.


“Del Potro is a crowd favorite and draws many fans," said Quintero. "I love the energy the Argentineans bring to the stadium while watching del Potro."


Argentina native Gaby Gusman expressed excitement at seeing a fellow Argentinean playing locally.


“I thought it was an experience seeing the Argentine del Potro, who is a top ranked player in South Florida,” said spectator Gaby Gusman.  


“The tournament welcomes more than 50,000 spectators to enjoy the tennis matches plus live music and artisans,” said Quintero.


Quintero also added that The Delray Beach Opens is one of the only 11 ATP World events in the United States. Del Potro defeated Bosnian native Damir Džumhur to six games to three in the final set due to the tie breaker on the first set on Feb. 23 this year.


His next opponent was American Sam Querry that same day. Del Porto won his first game against Querry to seven games to five games in the first set. Then he repeated the same score in the final set. This brought Del Porto to advance to the semi-final against his Canadian Miles Raonic.


Del Porto lost to Raonic due to the tie-breaker in the Final set that Raonic won eight games to six games. At the next tournament, Del Porto will participant in the Mexican Open.




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