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Army Ranger veteran and terrorism expert shares leadership lessons

March 1, 2017


West Palm Beach, Fla. - Chad Jenkins, a veteran Infantry officer in the United States Army,  and a former quarterback for the United States Military Academy at West Point spoke at Palm Beach Atlantic University on February 24.  He gave a lecture on leadership and how he learned to lead.  


Having served in the military for around thirty years, Jenkins gave his opinion on some of the problems in the country and how some of them should be solved.


Jenkins went to West Point thinking that he would serve for a few years and then go on to work in a corporate office somewhere.  But them September 11, 2001 changed it all for him.  


He led the Black Knight's football team to a win just after the tragedy and after his college football playing days ended, the U.S. Army commissioned Jenkins as an Infantry officer.


After completing Ranger School, Airborne School and Air Assault School, Jenkins served in Iraq during four deployments. Not only did he join the most lethal fighting Army force - the 75th Ranger Regiment - but Jenkins also served as a Platoon Leader and Ground Force Commander.


Jenkins prides himself on the fact that he never lost a man.  


He left the military and soon after joined the FBI, assigned to the South Florida Joint Terrorism Task Force as a Special Agent.


Now, Jenkins runs his own security company, The Jenkins Group, in West Palm Beach.


After experiencing first hand America’s security and terrorism, Jenkins’ life events taught him how to lead.  Being overseas and leading platoons of soldiers, Jenkins knew lives were at stake.  After his years of service, he learned that one of his fellow soldiers, Chris, had died on October 22, 2011.  


He started thinking there has to be something bigger out there.  He became a Christian after suffering a tremendous loss.  Jenkins learned valuable lessons and now he shares those with others.  


After Jenkins’ lecture, he answered a few questions about some issues in America today.   


Serving the country for many years and being involved in the security of the American people, Jenkins talked about how social media creates a divisiveness in the United States and how it is tearing America apart.  


Also, Jenkins talked about how America’s security is in good shape at the moment but as time goes forth the United States’ military needs to keep moving forward with the times and he talked about the Trump’s immigration and terrorism plans.


“I think if you look at it from an all encompassing standpoint really the need right now is to educate the American public what the true threats are,” stated Jenkins.  


“And I think if the administration was to roll out a snapshot risk assessment of the threats and vulnerabilities we face it would make a lot of Americans realize that we do need to take proactive steps to secure our nation and to secure the people of this nation.”



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