The Beacon Investigates | Who's the most charming of them all?

February 17, 2017

There are eight Mr. Charming candidates in the annual show down, and as usual only one will succeed them all. The Beacon took liberty in interviewing some of the mighty warriors before the 2017 competition.


We decided to test their sensitivity, intelligence, spirituality, and humor with four simple questions.  Some of the answers left us laughing while others were definitely swooning worthy.


The first question we asked: what was your ideal of a perfect date? Most of the answers had to do with sitting back, popping in a movie, and enjoying a good ole cup of Joe. Noah Whipple, also knows as Mr.CODP in the competition, caught us off guard with his unusual answer. “Probably something chill, like going surfing or skate boarding or something low key.” Surfing and skateboarding for a date doesn’t come off as too romantic, but it sound like it would be a blast—that’s if the lady is into that sort of thing.


The second question was asked: what is Florida’s capital? The majority of the guys answered this question correctly, and we would hope so since they are living in the sunshine state after all. Although David Carleton, Mr. Weyenberg, didn’t have the answer at the tip of his tongue, he acknowledged that was something he should know.


The third question we asked: what is your favorite bible verse? This question was a   no brainer and all of them offered great feedback as to why they picked the verses they did. PBA is defiantly doing their job here.


The fourth question: what is your corniest pick up line? This is where we were able to test their humor, especially on originality. Unfortunately, not all the boys proved to be hilarious on this one.  Jake Greybill, Mr. Sammy G, wasn’t having some difficulty coming up with something. “I can’t” was all that he could muster. Other’s like Noah Latner, Mr. Rinker, responded with smoothness. “Your face is like the grace of God,” he smiled with confidence.

These were great answers and we look forward to the Mr. Charming competition.

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