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Anti-Trump protests near PBA the new normal for now


West Palm Beach, Fla. – U.S. President Donald Trump says he loves visiting his most cherished property in Palm Beach County.  But now, wherever he goes, crowds of protesters appear to follow.


West Palm Beach has become a high foot traffic area for anti-Trump marchers.


That's because Mar-a-Lago Resort is located less than three miles away from Palm Beach Atlantic University.


A place now dubbed the “Winter” White House or the “Southern” White House – the location gives protesters an opportunity to be in close proximity with the President when he visits.


“We've seen injustices and met people who have had injustices brought to them,” Autumn Morris said. She marched with thousands of other protestors during Trump’s first visit to Palm Beach County as the Commander-in-Chief in early February.


“It's really hard to see people just because of their skin color being hated and having violence brought against them.”


From teenagers to adults – and all marching for various causes – Trump protestors say they are unified out of concern for the poor decisions being made by the administration.


“By coming out and being united,” protestor Pam Verkley said, “people will see that there are people out here that care, and we’re showing our support for them.”


For those who do support the President, these protest marches often provide an opportunity for people on polar opposites to talk about issues now dividing this country.


But often times, the best outcome ends up being agreeable disagreement.


For others, it's about making sure their voices are heard.


“There is a fascist in the executive office and that's a fact, and that's why I'm here,” protestor Luke – who didn’t want to give his last name – said. “It's time to get serious; for everyone to get serious.”


Hopes of uniting the country motivated some people to vote for the President.


But for the foreseeable future - the anti-Trump crowds will continue to gather as long as policies coming out of the White House remain controversial.


“Every single thing that's happened in the past fifteen days has been the exact opposite of that,” uttered another anonymous protestor.


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