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Steve Forbes brings Washington Talk to PBA community


Two-time GOP presidential candidate and Forbes Magazine Editor-in-Chief Steve Forbes spoke to the PBA community about politics in America today. The Beacon's Danielle Mendocha gives us an up-close conversation on policy with Forbes.

As Palm Beach Atlantic University students underwent their first day of spring semester classes on Jan. 11, The LeMieux Center for Public Policy welcomed guest speaker Steve Forbes to address a large audience in the DeSantis Family Chapel. Forbes is well-known for his roll as Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes magazine; he also ran for President in 1996 and 2000, where he identified as Republican.


Forbes focused on covering four main points throughout his speech: taxation, regulations, healthcare and monetary policy.


“The real source of capital in a society is not fiscal things, it’s the human mind,” Forbes said. “If you allow free markets, they always turn scarcity into abundance, always turn today’s luxuries into tomorrow’s commodities.”


For the majority of his speech, Forbes highlighted his beliefs about the economic state of America and detailed how he believes the ongoing issues can be solved.


“If we had maintained growth rates in the last 40 years that we did for 180 years before this turmoil, our economy would be 50 percent larger,” Forbes said.


One of the main components of Forbes’ presidential platform back in 1996 and 2000 was a flat tax, which he continues to believe is the answer to America’s economic issues.


Associate Vice President for University Relations and Marketing Becky Peeling attended Forbes’ speech and expressed that The LeMieux Center looks for guest speakers who unpack issues of the day while being timely and thoughtful.


“Steve Forbes has experience as a media expert with Forbes magazine, experience on the main stage of United States ... he seems to be a timely speaker,” Peeling said.


Junior international business major Lucy Baxter felt blessed to have the opportunity to sit in on Forbes’ speech.

“Normally an event like this would be very expensive and it’s not every day you can get in to an event like this for free,” Baxter said. “I just want to hear what he has to say.”


To close his speech, Forbes expressed his belief that America is largely in control of the success of numerous other countries.


“If America gets it right, the rest of the world gets it right,” Forbes said.


In addition to his speech, Forbes shared his opinions on questions posed by members of PBA’s The Beacon Today staff as well as Senator George LeMieux. In the Beacon’s one-on-one interview, specific questions involving holding Republicans accountable and taxation reform were answered in depth by Forbes.

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