PBA community shares their thoughts on Thanksgiving

Preparations for Thanksgiving have begun. A few members of the PBA community shared their favorite Thanksgiving traditions and what they’re thankful for this year.


“Every Thanksgiving, my mom makes salad, and it’s the only time she makes salad,” PBA freshman Mideline Cade said.  “She fries turkey, she always fries it.”


Cade said she thinks people should be thankful for the blessing of life.  


“Not everybody’s thankful,” Cade said. “They just wake up and do whatever. They don’t thank God; they don’t realize that God is actually the one who provides breath, and that it’s His breath in our lives.”


PBA alum and Workship coordinator Nathan Chau shared some of the reasons he loves Thanksgiving.


“It’s my favorite holiday of the year because it’s around family and food, and it’s not focused on the Christmas gifts and the stuff like that and all the craziness,” Chau said.


He added that people should be thankful for the blessings affecting them right now, even if they are disappointed with the things going on in the world.


“I think you should just be thankful for what you have,” Chau said.  “I know a lot of people are upset with how things are going on in the world, but I think [you should] just count your blessings that are directly affecting you right now.”


PBA alum Rob Koz, who graduated in 2014, said his family adds a bit of a twist to their classic Thanksgiving celebration.


“We eat the normal turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes,” Koz said. “But we do go to Disney, and we tend to have some family that will come down to Disney, some friends will come. [We have] annual passes and things, so it’s a lot of fun to do that.”


He said he is personally thankful for a lot of things, especially his family.


“I’m thankful for my parents’ health,” Koz said.  “They’ve had quite the year health-wise, and I’m just glad that they’re alive.”


For those interested in serving the community over the Thanksgiving holiday, Palm Beach County Food Bank and CROS Ministries are two organizations that help feel people in need. For more information on these, visit pbcfoodbank.org or crosministries.org.



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