Students work summer camps, encourage others to do the same

Students looking for summer jobs may consider working for camps local or across the nation.


MFuge is a summer camp that offers jobs for college students. In the past, the camp was hosted in Mobile, Alabama, but the summer of 2016, it was held at Palm Beach Atlantic University.


MFuge divides their students into Bible study groups and ministries based on requests. The camp also takes students to participate in off-site projects to serve the community.


Former volunteer and sophomore Jillian Kane spoke positively about the camp.


“Amazing work was done not only with our home church students, but students across the nation. It was so powerful to see God working in the lives of these people who I will probably never see until heaven,” she said.


Another summer camp option is Life for Youth Camp located in Vero Beach. Life for Youth Camp is a non-denominational Christian camp with the purpose of spreading the gospel of Jesus to all who attend.

This camp serves kids age five to 16.  This camp consists of day and resident programs. During Christmas and spring, LYFC also hosts holiday camps.


Sophomore Chloe Flejter has been involved with LYFC for seven years. Last summer she was on staff as a lifeguard.


“When I was young, I was on the receiving end, and it is just really cool to have grown up in this camp and be able to pour out God’s love into these campers,” Flejter said. “I think college students should look into working for a camp. In college, you are responsible for yourself, but at a camp you are responsible for others. It is just great preparation for the future.”


Another camp college students can serve at is WinShape Camps. WinShape overnight camp is based out of Georgia. This camp is broken into two week sessions with their campers.


“ I have a lot to say about WinShape and how thankful I am for it,” said senior Andrew Voor. “But for anyone considering this, I would ask them: Do you want to see real growth not only in yourself, but in your coworkers and campers? If the answer is yes, then give your summer to WinShape, and you won’t regret it.”

The camp also offers college students a chance to travel with their WinShape Camp for Communities.

Junior Taylor Fry served as a photographer last summer.


“This was by far the most challenging thing I have ever done,” she said. “I was stretched in so many ways, and I learned so much about myself. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to grow and change the lives of themselves and others. Everyone should experience something like this.”


Many camps also offer a chance for internship credit even during the year. Students who are interested in working at a summer camp can look at options like MFuge, LFYC or WinShape Camps.


For more information on MFuge, visit their site at

For more information on LFYC visit their site at

To learn more about WinShape Camps visit



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