Vincent debuts at the Kravis Center

Last weekend, The Kravis Center, partnered with Starry Night Theater Company, debuted Vincent by Leonard Nimoy.


Vincent, a one man show, was set in Paris, France in August of 1890. Briggs, playing the role of Theo, Vincent’s brother, told the story of Vincent Van Gogh starting from a young age. Since the whole play was based off of letters that Vincent wrote to Theo, it provided a realistic view of what his life actually was like.


Starring James Briggs, the founder of Starry Night Theater Company, the play extended over an 85 minute period, holding the audience's attention throughout.


Vincent was a strong believer in three things: Christ, Art, and Love. He practiced ministry, pursued art, and fought for love, but he says he failed at everything in life - including his own death. As the audience learned how deeply depressed he was, they also saw how awe-inspiring he was in how he expressed feelings of serenity through each of his canvases.


On opening night, the seats filled with art-lovers from all over the world. One couple traveled all the way from Germany to see the play. Although it was hard for them to decipher some of the English written words, they say they thoroughly enjoyed Vincent.


Director Brant Pope related the play to the attributes of the Christian faith, of the preaching in letters of St. Paul in the Gospels. Just as the Church sees Christ through the eyes of St. Paul, the audience sees the Vincent through the eyes of Theo in this passionate and encouraging work of art.



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