Students anticipate Spring Break trip to France

October 25, 2016

Philosophy professor Dr. Craig Hanson plans to bring 18 to 20 students to explore his favorite city in the world, Paris, France.


Hanson chose France as the destination of this year’s trip because he referred to Paris as being “quite possibly the actual location of heaven itself.”


In addition to teaching philosophy, he is director of the Strategic Global Development program and has plenty of experience traveling abroad.


“I’ve had a career made out of being able to negotiate through foreign countries, and I want students to acquire that skill,” Hanson said.


The fully booked trip costs $2,500, according to Hanson. Payments are due Nov. 1 for students not planning on enrolling in the class; students who enroll in the class pay this amount through a course fee for the spring semester.


The Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame are two destinations pre-planned for the group by Hanson.

The majority of the trip will be left open for students to decide on activities they wish to do and sites they wish to see.


Sophomore history major and French minor Glynn Horkott is looking forward to joining Hanson on the trip.


“Dr. Hanson knows the language extremely well and knows the city extremely well,” Horkott said. “There is no better person to go to Paris with than him.”


Hanson completed his masters in French language and has his PhD in philosophy. He says he is well equipped to teach students about the makeup of the country.


The only assignment required of students attending the trip/enrolling in the class is to read a book about the redesign of Paris architecture and write a reflection on it.


Horkott believes students should study abroad because the exposure to different cultures offers the unique experience to venture out of their comfort zones. She says touring Paris will further her knowledge of the city.


“I am excited to be immersed in the French culture and especially in the French language,” Horkott said. “I am really looking forward to speaking in French throughout the entire trip.”


Sophomore business major Emily Valentine says studying abroad sounds exciting but admits there is one thing keeping her from signing up.


“I’m not studying abroad because I don’t know another language,” Valentine said.


Hanson believes students who have a sense of adventure should consider studying abroad. Trips such as this week-long exploration of France have previously only taken place every other year, but Hanson expects this to change to once a year.


For more information about upcoming trips, visit


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