CANVAS returns to West Palm Beach

CANVAS West Palm Beach is the nation's largest outdoor museum show bringing the world's most imaginative and contemporary artists and art collectors together. By transforming boring concrete walls into breathtaking works of art, CANVAS defines the landscape of downtown West Palm Beach, Fla.   


Recently, art enthusiasts gathered to “break ground" on CANVAS. This year, for a ten-day event, artists will transform vacant city lots into art-filled parks and play areas. The experience will begin on November 11, and end ten days later on November 20 located at Jose Marti Park in West Palm Beach.


By partnering with charities like, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Fund of the Community of Palm beach CANVAS plans on creating interactive play areas for children.   


With this year's theme being "connection,” it shows what a connection represents in the world of art. We took a closer look at the artists participating in this event.  


One of the world's-renowned artists Pipsqueak Was Here!!! said, "Our artwork means the world to us. It gives us the opportunity to communicate our feelings and beliefs while attempting to make the planet a more beautiful place."


And that’s just what these artist do. They take plain and ordinary landscapes and transform them into beautifully creative, appealing places to explore.

Looking forward to the next few weeks in West Palm Beach, CANVAS awaits the CANVAS Art Gala on Saturday, October 22. With food, auction items and live music, art goers can engage themselves in artistic conversation with the influences around them.  


For more info and a full lineup of artists, visit

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