Bristol condominium construction begins in West Palm Beach

Bristol, a soon to be 25 story condominium residence, is taking up occupancy right across from Palm Beach  

Atlantic University.


All of the residencies will have three to five bedrooms from 3,700 square feet to 14,000 square feet and luxurious glass that surrounds the exterior portions of the living spaces from the floor all the way to the ceiling.  To ensure these units will sustain their power through any outages that may occur, another significant addition will be a back up generator.  

All of the condominiums are being sold at the starting price of 5,000,000 dollars.  The building is attracting wealthier residents to this area which could potentially bring more sponsors or donations to the school.  The Bristol will be surrounded by tropical gardens of palm trees and well trimmed hedges created by landscape architects from EDSA. This building will be the new view for many of the students at the school.


Members of the community and Palm Beach Atlantic University will deal with the constant construction obstacles and noises.  English professor Dr. Anderson said that the construction has already been affecting one of her classes, Women and Literature.  


“Early in the semester, a cacophonous orchestration of heavy metallic clanging and intermittent jackhammering sounds greeted our ears, which sometimes followed a regular beat, but nonetheless did not inspire us to commence the choreography of interpretive dance,” Anderson said.


Lilly Rogers a junior studying elementary education said, “It affects me because the building will go right up in front of our view here at Johnson Hall which is one of the main draws for this school.  Also this 25 story building will bring a lot more traffic to the area.”


Traffic can already become really congested around this area, particularly in season.  Now there will be more residents cruising through Palm Beach creating more stress and more struggles for the commuters here at the school.


"We do invite and request that Palm Beach Atlantic University students especially on South Olive be careful and courteous to the motorists who are moving north and south on South Olive during the construction time and it is important that our students look to the left and to the right rather than just simply dart out into South Olive."


“In addition, some students have mentioned unusually congested traffic and difficulty in commuting to school, resulting in more than usual tardiness and inadvertent dramatic entrances to class at inopportune moments, conditions that have not improved these students’ blood pressure levels or the depth of their mornings’ philosophical ruminations.”


With all the chaos unfolding with construction and increasingly more traffic, there will be an upside.  College students are always on the lookout for new jobs.  This building could bring jobs for the students such as, serving in their dining areas, walking their animals, babysitting, or other service oriented jobs.


"I would anticipate that there would be some part time jobs that will be generated by the Bristol or by residents of the Bristol that would be very helpful to Palm Beach Atlantic University students.  There may be valet opportunities, dog walking opportunities, there may be babysitting opportunities, there may be tutoring opportunities if there are children," President Fleming said.


Here at the school staff and students are trying to deal with the newest addition to Palm Beach.  For now, the students will have to endear loud construction and a mess of ruble blocking the intercostal but soon students will have more opportunities.  The view will be different but perhaps it will be a building like no other.  The Bristol blocks the waterway but will share its artistic architecture with the community.




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