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Social Enterprise Club intertwines faith and business

The Social Enterprise Club is an organization where students can integrate their faith and values into business. This club gives students the chance to learn many skills about how to start a business and how to become active in social ministry as well.


Club members are people who want to fulfill their dream of starting a business, and using that business as a springboard for sharing the love of Christ.


The Social Enterprise Club is planning many activities for their members. One event per month will focus on hearing from professionals about things such as starting a business. Most recently, this club hosted director of Praxis Academy, Jon Hart. Hart helped students build their portfolios.


Club advisor Jeremy Morse works to help start businesses at which their clients can be employed. This club also wants to give its members a chance to work alongside non-profit companies. An example of this is the Lord’s Place. The Lord’s Place is an organization dedicated to raising awareness to homelessness.


Another series of events that this club hopes to start is pitch nights at a local coffee shop. At these pitch nights, students will give offer business ideas they may have. Junior Rebecca Davis said she hopes to gain new ideas and moral support from other club members.


The Lord’s Place founder Philip Higgins said the club is an opportunity for students to get their hands dirty and really make something happen in the community that will have a long term impact for the kingdom of God.


During the meeting, Higgins encouraged students to think about what they really care about, and to bring their ideas to the table.


This club is for the student who wants to do something greater than just be a business owner. It’s for the student who wants to use his or her calling, talent and ability to further the kingdom of God.The club provides students with the opportunity to both work and obey the Lord’s command in 1 Corinthians 10, which is to do everything for the God’s glory.


The Social Enterprise club meets every other Wednesday in Rinker 1307, and will hold various student-led projects between meetings. For more information, contact president Chelsea Babcock or vice president Harrison Wendlend.




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