Vera Lea Rinker Hall allows students to hone their skills

As you walk through the hallways you can hear the hard work and dedication of students and music teachers in private practice rooms. Scales are played and sung. Pianos are keyed.


On another floor graphic design students utilize Adobe CC programs to create and edit visually appealing pieces.


And while all of this is happening, dance students assemble into trios to experiment with new moves to classical music played by an in-house pianist across the room.


Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Vera Lea Rinker Hall houses the School of Music and Fine Arts, which encompasses dance, music and graphic design.


PBA boasts of it four-story arts building, noting that it not only has a small recital hall for recitals and chamber concerts, but also choral and band rehearsal rooms, classrooms, piano and computer labs, practice rooms, dance studios, offices, composition labs and a graphic arts laboratory.


Hard work is presented each year through concerts and showcases that happen on campus and at the Kravis Center for Performing Arts.  These presentations are often a first step into the professional realm.


Some music students have gone on to well known schools to better their skills in graduate programs and others are touring the world in different types of bands and groups that play in major venues.  The dance department sees graduates move on to dance in major companies.

Dean of the School of Music and Fine Arts, Lloyd Mims, said there is a characteristic about arts students that stands out from the rest. “The arts have something that other majors don’t have.   You cannot major in the arts unless you develop a real constant attention to discipline.”



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