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Creating opportunities and changing lives

“No club at PBA will raise as much money for business school scholarships like we will,” Tyler Wright, Co-President of InvestPBA said at the first Investment Club meeting of the semester. InvestPBA is a group of students with different majors and different backgrounds that come together to discuss topics such as the stock market and investment plans.  


InvestPBA is not limited to business or finance majors; students can be in any major to join this club. The club met for the first time this past Friday at 11 a.m., and plans to continue to meet at this time. InvestPBA is set to meet in Rinker 311, but because of increasing numbers they will need to relocate soon.  


Many large firms seek out the students from InvestPBA such as UBS, Morgan Stanly, Northern Trust and others. By being a part of this club, students will have the opportunity to form connections and network with these companies. This could lead to internship opportunities, or even job offers in the future.


Networking is a vital in the business world. By forming connections with these firms students are able to gain real life experience and get your name known among these companies. Students are going to be able to get connected with business leaders.  

InvestPBA plans to enhance their fundraising skills by raising money for business school scholarships for future PBAU students. They are going to do this by either forming connections with alumni or reaching out to local businesses. By raising money for college scholarships, members of InvestPBA are able to say they helped make a difference in the lives of others.  


“You are going to learn investment strategies that you will use for the rest of your life,” co-president Peter Amirata said.


By joining InvestPBA students will learn these life skills.  The club will bring in strong business leaders to help teach and coach students on how to build a strong business portfolio and how to network in the community.  

Although this club focuses on serious matters, they want to bond with one another by occasionally playing kickball, going to the beach, throwing barbeques and enjoying other outdoor activities. InvestPBA is more than just a club. It’s a community.


For further questions about the club, contact Tyler Wright or Peter Amirata.

Connect with InvestPBA today through social media:

Facebook- Palm Beach Atlantic University Investment Club

Twitter- @InvestPBA


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