Money hacks for college students

Apps and 50 bucks goes a long way.


Wanting to go out with friends but are being held back by the thought of how costly everything seems while in college? Living paycheck to paycheck with even groceries on a budget?

Wanting to earn money, somehow, but can’t seem to find the extra time between school and work?


Two words. Donating Plasma.


Consuming only about 30-45 minutes of your time, donating plasma is the key to making it through college without having to work extra hours than already scheduled and still having the time to do homework. What may seem like so very little, that $50 earned when donating plasma actually makes up for a 6-hour minimum wage job - and to most college students that is far more than worth it. 


“I was always pretty busy, so donating plasma for an extra 50 bucks seemed pretty convenient,” Colin Bultink, FAU student mentions.


Craving that extra bar of Hershey’s chocolate or wanting a gluten free diet but can’t afford the gluten-free pasta? Try out the app called Mint- an app that’s useful in helping students get back in order with their money management.


Within this app, you can budget your rent, food, shopping pets and more. Mint is the app that puts together all of your finances for you and consumes the money stress so you don’t have to. Incorporating the money earned from donating plasma into your Mint app budget account, there should be no reason why you can’t find those few extra bucks to enjoy some evenings out with friends, for that Hershey’s chocolate bar and that new gluten-free diet.

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