Zipcar makes an entrance to downtown West Palm Beach

Zipcars, partnering with Palm Beach Atlantic University Student Government, is a car-sharing service directed at college campuses all across the globe. By choosing from sedans, hybrids, vans, and many more, students can save hundreds of dollars by using Zipcars. Applying in the app or the online website, students can be approved to use vehicles in their area and all across the world.

With a future station being put in right on campus, students (18 years old and older, including international licenses) can become members for just $15. Located adjacent to the SkyBlue location on Wallingford Place on campus, students can reserve ZipCars for anywhere between one hour to seven days, allowing the driver to go anywhere far and wide.  

As this new service will directly impact the campus of Palm Beach Atlantic University, some students are expressing some safety concerns.  

"What would happen if you got in a car accident?", said, PBA Sophomore, Abigail Washburn.


However, both Washburn and her classmate, Molli Wallen, agreed that ZipCars would be of good use for driving to off-campus sports games and activities.  Overall, students are concerned with whether or not it is a need for our campus community, but also see that it can be useful.

Compared to rental car services, Zipcars allow students as young as 18 years old to rent and drive the vehicles as opposed to the age requirement of 25 years old.

Zipcar members will have no worries when it comes to gas and insurance while drivers will fill up the gas tank with the gas card that is already inside the car, and insurance is completely covered. Also, the membership includes 24/7 road-side assistance.

With availability in over 170 cities across the United States and Europe, Zipcar leads the car-sharing industry.


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