Out-of-state freshman reveal why they came to PBA

As the fall 2016 semester kicks off at Palm Beach Atlantic University, a new class of freshman now begin their college journey.


According to College Board, 32% of PBA's student population comes from out of state.


So why did this year's freshman from out of state choose to come to PBA for their college education?


Katie Spositi is a freshman biology major from Dallas, Texas. When looking at universities, PBA caught her attention due to its great location for studying marine biology.


"Typical science degrees always go the evolution route," Spositi said. "I really wanted a Christian-based view on science, and that's why I chose PBA."


Chris Rivera is double majoring in international business and politics, and is from San Pedro Sula, Honduras.


Studying abroad was a goal for Rivera. Florida is also a place he has visited several times and with which his family is familiar.


"PBA drew me in because the school felt like home for me," Rivera said. "The weather is amazing and everything about the location is fantastic."


Rivera also said the amount of freedom he has to explore new places and hang out with friends has been one of his favorite parts of college so far.


Trying new food has also been a new adventure. "I've never had Taco Bell before, and it blew my mind," Rivera said.


Ashton Hinnant, majoring in public relations, is from Frederick County in Maryland.


"I liked that [PBA] gave me more of a family feel compared to other schools I visited locally, and around here,"  Hinnant said.


Though the heat is a struggle for some, Hinnant is a fan of the warm weather. "I absolutely love the environment, love the palm trees, love the beach, love the sun and love to have color."


Abby Hopkins is majoring in business management and is from Fairfax, Virginia. She says the people and the location drew her to PBA.


"I think it was just the environment here, and everyone is so friendly. They're really big on community and I just fell in love with it," Hopkins said.


PBA's many opportunities to get involved locally was also a large deciding factor in her coming to the school.


"The fact that [PBA] has so many connections here is a good way to meet new people and find out about stuff that is going on in the world," Hopkins said.


Though some can find the new rules at PBA challenging, those things came second in Hopkins's mind when choosing a university.


"I just wanted to go to a place where I could grow in my faith," Hopkins said.

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