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Struggle to compromise over Carefree Theater property redevelopment

December 12, 2018

Camp Fire continues to impact Northern California

December 4, 2018

Thanksgiving: Crucial holiday for Americans

November 22, 2018

Opinion: Florida amendment corrects a necessary element of democracy: voting rights

November 18, 2018

Monarch butterfly population drastically declines in Florida

November 18, 2018

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Struggle to compromise over Carefree Theater property redevelopment

December 12, 2018

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November 26, 2017

On Nov. 1, Palm Beach Atlantic University’s College Republicans Club hosted an open seminar on U.S.-Russian relations and various internatio...

November 13, 2017

The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone, especially students. Not only does the season mark the end of a semester, it also brings...

November 13, 2017

At Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Nov. 8 FishTalk event, hosted by the Student Government Association, a group of esteemed panelists discu...

October 31, 2017

Halloween is here, but for many people, picking a costume has come down to the wire. Thankfully, there are so many easy costumes you can cre...

October 24, 2017

Many joke that the only food college students can afford is ramen, but there are actually so many easy ways to make amazing recipes using th...

September 28, 2017

With the arrival of fall comes the obsession with all things pumpkin spice. From Starbucks’ cult favorite pumpkin spice latte to all of the...

September 5, 2017

(Photos courtesy of Fred Milligan) 

Following the massive flooding following Hurricane Harvey, Houston is reeling from the aftermath and the...

March 16, 2017

Danielle is back on The Beacon this week reviewing a unique, affordable face mask. The Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask cl...

February 23, 2017

With so many products at the drugstore, it can be tricky to navigate between the good and the bad.  While there are many incredible products...

February 21, 2017

On Monday night, students from all majors and ranks gathered at the Kaplan Forum in Rinker to witness the first Student Government Associati...

February 6, 2017

Town of Palm Beach, Fla. - Supporters of President Donald Trump came together outside his Mar-a-Lago resort on Palm Beach to demonstrate the...

January 31, 2017

With so many different products and brands on the shelves, it can be difficult to navigate between the good, the bad and the ugly when it co...

January 22, 2017

Political figures and U.S. citizens gathered in Washington D.C. to celebrate President Donald J. Trump’s January 20 inauguration, an event t...

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