We are the staff and reporters for the news site of Palm Beach Atlantic University's School of Communication and Media. We cover news ranging from the Southern White House to new makeup products and everything in between.


We are The Beacon.


Tracy Peyton, Editor-in-Chief

 J Israel Balderas, Journalism Professor

Kasimir Jackson, Multi-Media Editor

Maddie Coggins, Opinion Columnist

Ashley Allen, Managing Editor

Sarah Roulette, Podcast Director

The Reporters


Maria Teixeira

Maria Teixeira, originally from Connecticut, is a freshman at Palm Beach Atlantic University and a first generation student for her family. Teixeira is majoring in journalism. She was editor-in-chief for Hawk Headlines, her senior year of high school. She loves spending her free time at the beach and hanging with friends.


Amber Amortegui

Amber Amortegui is a transfer student in the journalism program at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Even though Amortegui has not been apart of the program for long, she has learned a lot about the role of a journalist in today's evolving society. Over the summer, Amortegui interned at Haute Living Magazine in Miami, Fla. Amortegui aspires to one day write feature stories that implement both hard news and investigative reporting. She mainly specializes in print journalism, but Amortegui is eager to learn more about video journalism. 


Hannah Gonsman

Hannah Gonsman is a Southnative to sunny South Florida, where I’m majoring in journalism at Palm Beach Atlantic University.  I’m a published fiction author with a heart’s desire for creative writing.  When I’m not busy with a pen and paper in hand, I’m typically reading. I raise and breed reptiles, something most people don’t do, but I find it to be a huge part of my life other than writing. I’m a skilled and professionally trained barista, but I rather just pour instant coffee in my cup and head out the door. I hope to accomplish two things in the journalism field:  become someone who can be a good influence, and find superman.  


Rachida Harper

Rachida Harper is a senior at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Harper is an investigative journalist for The Beacon Today. She has a strong belief that everyone deserves to have a voice and tell their story. During her time with The Beacon, Harper hopes to confidently cover and know every news beat.


Jordan Wolfe

Jordan Wolfe is a journalism student at Palm Beach Atlantic University. She is a freshman aspiring to be a freelance travel writer and photographer. She hopes to work for National Geographic one day. 


Sarah Roulette

Sarah Roulette is a junior at Palm Beach Atlantic University studying Journalism and Intercultural Studies. She has served as a reporter for the Beacon for three years now and is currently on staff as podcast producer! She loves exploring storytelling on different types of media, and she has a passion for documentary filmmaking. Sarah hopes to use her skills to raise awareness of pressing humanitarian issues by telling stories of those living in war-torn regions around the globe.


Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee ..


Tracy Peyton

Tracy Peyton is a senior at Palm Beach Atlantic University from Boynton Beach, Fla., studying journalism. She serves as The Beacon Today’s editor-in-chief for the 2018-2019 school year. Her hobbies include playing golf and creating art. In the spring of 2019, Peyton will intern for CBS12 News in West Palm Beach, Fla. 


Celeste Brown

Celeste Brown is a senior journalism student who now calls West Palm Beach home. She is passionate about getting the facts straight. Celeste works part time as an editorial news assistant at The Palm Beach Post.


Micheala Payne

Micheala Payne...


Heather Chiles

Heather Chiles is a sophomore from Silver Spring, Maryland. She would love to pursue a career in lifestyle media. Some of the news sources she aspires to emulate would be Refinery 29, Girlboss Media and The Chic Site. She plans to create content that others find their voice from.


Morgan Therrien

Morgan Therrien. She is a small town girl from Lanesborough Massachusetts! Growing up she was surrounded by the same people and same scenery all her life, so she decided it was time for a change. She traded her winter boots for summer sandals and came out here to the much more sunny West Palm Beach area! Therrien is currently a sophomore majoring in journalism at Palm Beach Atlantic University. She loves to write and is an avid reader. You can often times find her in the water, whether it's at the beach or in the pool. She has a newfound passion for photography as well as video editing. Therrien enjoys the arts, whether it's drawing, singing, acting, she's all for it. Not to mention a huge animal lover. Therrien says she looks forward to what's in store for her at PBA and hopes one day to make it in TV Broadcasting.

Kasimir Jackson

I’m Kasimir Jackson, an aspiring journalist and men’s fashion designer. Clothing is my true passion but I am attending Palm Beach Atlantic University majoring in Journalism and Film. I came into to school with a set in stone goal in mind and it has been evolving throughout my journey. That’s a common expectation when attending college, that being said I'm sure there is more change to come. 


Alex Pimentel

Alex Pimentel. Avid fan of the New York Yankees and Notre Dame Fighting Irish. He was a promising baseball star since he has Dominican roots in his family background, but he peaked in 5th grade and it went downhill from there. He then decided to take his talents to the booth as he is minoring in Sports Broadcasting at Palm Beach Atlantic, while majoring in International Business. One day, he would like to be on the executive business side of Fox Sports. 



Sam ..


Luke Sheldon

Luke Sheldon ..


Maddie Coggins

Madeline (Maddie) Coggins is a sophomore at Palm Beach Atlantic University from Charlotte, NC. She is majoring in history with a minor in journalism. Serving as the Editorial Columnist for The Beacon Today, Coggins writes thought-provoking articles for the editorial board as well as her personal column. Coggins describes history as alive, and she sees it as a essential part of her writing and pursuit of truth. Her hobbies include writing, music and soccer. She is driven to create change and spark a new wave of truth and learning in future generations. 


Benjamin Wainer

My name is Benjamin Wainer. My major is Journalism with a minor in Communication. I am currently in my Sophomore year at Palm Beach Atlantic. My interests are video games, cinema, television and literature not to mention the critique of those as well. I also am keen towards felines of all shapes and sizes, as well as geopolitical discussions and history.


Teawanna Teal

Teawanna Teal is passionate about being the best mother she can be. She is a junior at Palm Beach Atlantic University and works full-time at a local hospital as an on site technician for biohazard waste. Being a full-time mother is her first job, single mother of 3 loves to spend time with her kids playing and teaching them things they have not learned yet. She likes for her children to learn something new each day and she loves to dress them up nicely whenever they leave the house. Teawanna is self motivated, outgoing, courageous and confident if I may add. She loves to spend time with her family whenever her schedule allows and host family gatherings at her new home. In 2020 Teawanna plans to graduate and become a news anchor for CBS12 news.  


J. Isreal Balderas

As a 20-year news veteran, J. Israel Balderas has reported from coast to coast. Along the way, he accumulated a number of prestigious awards from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Florida Associated Press Broadcasters and the Radio Television Digital News Association of the Carolinas.